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Professional and Licensed Drone Videography for Real Estate

At Drone Cameraman we specialize in drone photography and videography. Our expert pilots have years of commercial experience working for and shooting for Hollywood productions and television commercials.

One of our specialties is our unique ability to capture vast landscapes and in particular showcase real estate. We combine A unique Aerial Drone perspective as well as a complete MLS ready photo tour of your property. By combining both Aerial drone and Hand held Photography and Video you get a complete package that can be tailored to any project or property you have.

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Matterport 3D

Imagine Capturing Your Client’s Property Listing Showcasing the Ocean Just Miles Away

Clients Include

Perspective is everything. When it comes to real estate often times listings are over looked because there is no way to quantify with photos just how remarkable a home estate is in regards to it’s location and proximity to the beach or other attractive landmarks in San Diego.

When San Diego Real Estate Drone photography you can showcase your client’s listings on Zillow and Realtor with spectacular aerial perspective.


Show potential buyers the size of the house, put the location in perspective, and you’ll find that the number of inquires for your listing will dramatically improve.

Remember, presentation is everything!

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San Diego Drone Videography Meets Real Estate

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About Real Estate Drone Videography

As time goes on and technology improves, real estate companies are trying to ride the wave and incorporate new features like drone technology to capture the eyes of new buyers. If you’re thinking that traditional photos should be enough, using drones showcases properties in a way that wasn’t possible before. Using systems like multiple listing services (MLS), real estate professionals can upload photos online but there has to be a featured image which serves as the first impression that a potential buyer will have of a property.

The importance of this cannot be understated, just like with other things in our lives, first impressions carry a lot of weight. Looking at a home or property from a street level view will miss a lot of the depth and detail that are present in a shot taken from overhead. The overhead shot that is possible with a drone will also capture things that are missed in the traditional street level shot, that beautiful garden and pool in the backyard or the lovely view of the lake or mountain won’t be rendered in the same detail.

Packages and Specials


Matterport and Photo: Up to 25 Photos with 3-6 Aerials, and a Matterport 3D tour Up to 3000 sqft – $500 ($850 Value!)

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More Applications for Drones than You May Realize

Enter Real Estate Marketing

Drones were traditionally known for their use in military operations primarily as unmanned aircraft systems, but today in the hands of real estate professionals, they can be used to showcase much more angles to gain the attention of prospective buyers. A few of these can include:

  • Wide panoramic views from above the entire property, land and features that add to the imagery
  • Showcase experiences that may come with living at the property, such as a walk around the estate.
  • Give the buyer an idea of what the neighborhood and surrounding area look like, including the home’s proximity to amenities
  • A visual view of civic developments or local improvement districts (LIDs) that any property taxes paid might contribute to
  • Making visual maps and assisting with surveys

Drone Photography Reduces the Price Barrier to Elevated Imagery

While real estate agents in the past had to heavily depend on using aircraft such as airplanes and helicopters for getting any elevated photography done, these quite often led to some exorbitant expenses as the price for a shooting was usually per flight. These numbers added up and could have restricted the amount of properties that were able to be shot depending on what the budget allowed. With drones, this no longer has to be case, drones represent a massive potential for savings in expenses that come with real estate elevated imagery pricing. A simple sourced viable model can cost as low as a couple hundred bucks and specialty camera attachments are not that much more expensive. This allows for professionals to be able to use the aerial footage gathered from the drones on a wide range of listings at a far lower cost than using traditional aircraft methods.

Whether your property calls for video or stills to bring out its best qualities, drones can do either, it all depends on the equipments available to you. Access to various programs available today allow you to edit and share the video without needing great technical background. With practice, operating the drone can be made easy, the biggest skills needing to be developed are a steady hand and a calm and collected head for staying alert. Even if you would prefer to outsource the task to a professional drone photographer, chances are it will still be far less expensive than the cost of flight for a airplane or helicopter. There is also the intangible and tangible benefits of embracing drone technology, agencies who readily incorporate the high tech nature of the drones will be positioned in high end real estate on a level above that of their competition who refuses to adapt.

Getting Started

 When working with a professional drone operator, depending on your budget you can expect differences but a operator who is well versed  and has worked with real estate before will provide you with at least two versions of the photographs after a shooting. One original full sized image that retains all of the details for use in developing promotional fliers and other types of marketing items. The second version being identical images that smaller to meet the guidelines and proportions of MLS requirements.

Considerations for Proper Usage

It won’t always be simple as getting your drone and you’re clear for takeoff, the below information give you some guidance on things to consider before soaring into the wild blue yonder for your shots.

No fly-drone zones

For most real estate shooting use, you’ll be working on residential properties and areas but for others you’ll have to keep in mind the areas where drone usage is forbidden. Some of these are sports stadiums, racetracks, visits by the pope, District of Columbia, any forest fires and anywhere within five miles of airport. It’s also important that you drones are kept away from any animals and children.


It’s been difficult for the real estate industry to convince everyone that the positive benefits of drones for business outway the negatives so try to help out the effort and make sure that your actions are different from the ones who misuse them. You can do this by:

  • Getting the permission other property owners before launching the drone.
  • No flying over private property where you have no consent.
  • Minimizing operations above large crowds
  • Reading the packaged instructions thoroughly and lots of practice
  • Not misusing the drone around kids and animals.


With proper use by all those involved and relaxed regulations concerning their use, drones will be here to stay. Adding professional drone photography to your real estate marketing strategy will help give you an edge on your competition and help showcase the properties in your portfolio in the best way possible.