Kendall Farms

Kendall Farms

The Brief.

Kendall Farms is a family owned and operated business, obsessed with growing the finest flowers and greens in the most conscientious way. Seriously, we’re obsessed. We carefully monitor every part of the growth and harvesting process, right up until we deliver the cuts directly to you. The farm is self-sustaining; we hold ourselves to a high standard of environmentalism, and we strive to give back to the land that has given so much to us.

With a rich history and over 25 years of experience growing the flowers you love we still make it our goal to always do better and to constantly evolve. One thing’s never going to change here at Kendall Farms, though, and that’s our family. We have persevered through the many ups and downs the last quarter of a century has presented, through fires, floods, and recessions, and we not only persevered but continue to get better at what we do with every day that we’re given.

The Plan.

While working with the Director, Producer and the Farm Owner, Capture aerial video for planned commercial.

Skills Used.

Piloting: 100%
Camera Operation: 80%
Scene Composition: 80%

January 11, 2016