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Real Estate

Location, Location, Location.
There’s no better way to show off the an exceptional property than with top of the line aerial views. You will the the value of this investment with quicker offers and higher bids. Top of the line agents sell top of the line properties with top of the line aerial visuals by The Drone Cameraman.

Business & Municipalities

Aerial Photography & video can offer a distinctive view that shows the location’s advantages, access, and surrounding development. It’s also great for showing a different vantage point of your business and facility by showing a birds eye view. Any business can increase their appeal for utilizing aerial photography & video. It’s guaranteed to attract your clients’ attention, thus may increase future sales.

Special or Sporting Events

It’s not a special event if it’s like every other event. Make the memories of it truly special by capturing it with one of a kind videos. We can track with your leaders quickly, quietly, and smoothly from a distance.

Dynamic Aerial Photography

With The Drone Cameraman we have years of experience working not only with Hollywood teams on blockbuster films, but also on some amazing independent films as well. We bring that talent and experience to your project.

Industry Professionals

We are professionals, we are FAA part 107 License holders. We carry up to $2,500,000 insurance to ensure you are covered. Business Office Located in San Diego County.

Cost Effective

Aerial footage is within your reach. The Drone Cameraman has been on the forefront of emerging technology since 2009. Until recently it was only available to a select few. Now we have cameras and equipment that can do what even they couldn’t. You can afford it, and it’s well worth it.

VFX Integration Ready

We are one of the few drone companies that have the ability to export an .fbx that contains the 3D environment and a camera in the 3d environment that matches the amazing drone footage.

Not just any Drone Cameraman

We fly clouds above the competition. Many will claim to be drone cinematographers, we are the real thing. We have the state of the art equipment. 4k camera. We are one of the few drone companies that are registered. Etc…

Story Tellers

We know it’s about more that just capturing a subject from up high. It’s more than just a quick fly by. You have a story to tell, and we’re here to help you tell it with Dynamic Aerial Visuals by MyDroneCameraMan.com

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